OCI History

Orange County Independent Percussion was born in 2011. In the groups' 2nd year, they made the trip to WGI World championships and earned the Bronze Medal in PIO. In 2013, the group won its first SCPA PIO Gold Medal and earned the Silver Medal at the WGI World Championships. 2014 brings big changes to the ensemble. A new staff and a bump to PIW - earning a WGI Finals performance at the WGI World Championships. The Bloom production wins the hearts of the community and earns the ensemble the 2015 SCPA Bronze medal in PIW. With the success of the ensemble thus far, Orange County Independent changes its name to Broken City. In its first year with a new name, Broken City earned both SCPA and WGI PIW Bronze Medals. A second ensemble is born and competes in PIO under the original name - Orange County Independent. In 2017, Orange County Independent earned another SCPA PIO Gold Medal and earned a 5th place finish at the WGI World Championships. Upon returning home after championships, the decision is made to bump the ensemble into PIW and change the name to Vessel.

2024 will see the return of Orange County Independent Percussion to SCPA and WGI PIO competition! Join us in our long legacy of competing at the highest levels and experience the trip to WInter Guard International Championships in Dayton Ohio.